Of My Dreams

Ok, so this is the first thing I have ever posted anywhere. Late night rambling is probably the best way to describe it. Please, enjoy.

Of My Dreams

The man of my dreams was just that. He came to me at night while I slept to sweep me away to a world I had never known before. A palace of diamond palaces and rivers of gold which wind their way through the his Garden. He shows me how simple it is to pluck the ambrosial fruit of gods from their trees. Juices run from my mouth and burns a trail down my neck; the coolness of his quicksilver tongue relieves me. His warm whispers of eternity leave me shaking and breathless. How could I resist? Why would I resist? This was paradise and it was mine now. Ours, he reminds me, binding our union with a kiss which stings. Now his beauty fades. The diamonds crumble and the gold had tarnished; the fruit’s gone rotten on my tongue. No. This is not what I wanted. This cannot be. The world fades. I wake. I wake to find the monster that he is standing before me. No longer sun and warmth, but all shadow and ash. His eyes are an abyss which refuse me escape. He prowls forward and I cannot move. His lips crush mine. There is no chance for me to breathe. My lungs burn. My heart races. My world spins. My dreams have become nightmare.
I am lost. I am lost. I am lost.


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