Tonight I will feed.

Tonight I will Binge.

Tonight I will have my fill of the most exquisite red in the world.

Only very few people will ever have the pleasure of imbibing something so heady.

Tonight I shall feast my taste buds on the purest of all sacraments.

The walls will run red as I take my time savoring every last morsel.

Every last drop.

Last breath.



Today I will have my fill of lives.

See how they run, how they scream.

I have waited a full year for this luxury.

Few of my kind are afforded such liberties.

I will not waste a single breath of mine while stealing the last of theirs.

I will not leave a single shred of flesh in tact.

I will appreciate the sight of my own reflection in their eyes as the light of their lives extinguishes.

How marvelous.

The feeling of life flowing through me after so many months of nothing,

Of emptiness,

Of Death,

Will be intoxicating.

In the morning I shall walk from this place of decay.

I will be refreshed.


I will feel the Sun upon me once again.

I will bask in the light.

In the warmth.

Sadly, it will not last too long.

It will be as fleeting to me as the lives of those who shall revive me.

So I will not waste the time I’ll have to be alive again.

Not this time.

Not ever again.

I will be thankful.

Ever so grateful.

Tonight I will Binge.

And it will be breathtaking.

It will be life giving.





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